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Venus and Neptune and our nature as co-creators

We know all planets are a manifestation of a specific energy, but being Neptune a higher octave of Venus, they manifest the same energy in a different scale and frequency. While Venus is the planet of love and relationships with ourselves and others, Neptune talks about universal love and consciousness that constitutes and bonds everything. It also speaks of our deepest fears and aspirations, and our most powerful dreams.

Neptune is the ocean. Infinite, silent and all embracing. Each one of us is a wave in the ocean; an attempt to individuate and separate from the whole in a unique expression. Being just a wave or a drop in the vast ocean, we might feel insignificant. But wave is made by same matter and it’s an integral part of the ocean. In the same way, our existence matters and we are made by the same consciousness that creates everything.

As Venus as Neptune energies talk about our ability to create, and the creative energetic field. The pode the following questions: what reality am I creating with my thoughts, feelings and actions, and what reality do I want to create? In order to answer this, we are asked to step into our true nature of co-creators. But why is it so difficult to value our existence and take responsibility for our part in creating the reality we live in?

As Mark Jones has explored so well in his new book ‘The Planetary Nodes and Collective Evolution’, all planets have nodes, and in a way the planetary nodes are more important than the planet itself because they explain the movement of the planet, the history and trajectory of that energetic expression. The nodes of Neptune speak of our relationship with spirituality and our connection with God.

Being the south node of Neptune in Aquarius, we come from a traumatic and fragmented relationship with the divine. We are taught we are sinners, and therefore there is something intrinsically wrong with us. We need to deserve God’s love. In other words, we need to do something right to make up for that wrong thing within us. Deep down, we think we don’t deserve to be loved, we are not worthy of love. And we all share this feeling. Can you see the deep impact this has on our relationships with ourselves and others? No wonder self-steam and self-love is a hot topic. We have this view God is in heaven, distant and unreachable, judging and punishing us for our actions. It’s a fragmented view based on fear. With Saturn transiting Aquarius in conjunction with the south node of Neptune we now have the opportunity to be aware of this and change it.

The north node of Neptune in Leo teaches us that the evolutionary direction of our spirituality, and the cure for humanity, is to realise that God abides in every human heart. As divine beings we are, our existence matters and we have the power to create reality. We don’t need to develop self-steam or to practice self-love, we just need to connect with our hearts and our true nature of being divine love. As Mark says, “every moment of your life, every thought or feeling that you have, matters. Every time you process a resentment and then turn to love you radiate the power of that choice into the world around you”.

The biggest self-limiting belief we need to transform in order to heal is that our mistakes, our imperfections, our “sins”, define who we are. Because they don’t. Love and fear are the strongest feelings that exist, the only ones able to integrate or fragment the self. Which of these are you going to connect with: fear or love?

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