Astrology for Transformation and Self-Development

What Clients Say

Hannah M.

"Flavia, thank you so so much. I feel my body really digesting and integrating the sweetness and also slight shock of hearing so much truth in the reading... things that my heart knows but my head would sometimes reject. It was so deep. Thank you for your skill and your wisdom."

Rebecca R.

"Flavia's consultation with me was incredible. The depth and scope of the reading was both a great eye opener and an education. Somehow Flavia had captured many of the elements of my emotional history and how my life had brought me to this current phase. From that understanding she offered great guidance and support for my next steps. The guidance resonated with me greatly. It was truly a most powerful, energising, supportive consultation and I would thoroughly recommend Flavia, because - this is not just an ordinary astrology reading - it is deep, personal, authentic, revealing, and power packed with practical and spiritual guidance for my future. I feel most nourished and comforted by what lies ahead by both a ‘letting go' and a 'bringing in'. A happy dance for great personal evolution."

Runa U.

I did not know what to really expect and being a cynic at heart didn't expect much. I was so so wrong. The reading was spot on and I felt like Flavia knew everything about me from what she saw in the chart. I found her approach empathic, sincere and non-judgemental. I found the reading to be a great tool in helping me reflect over everything and still refer back to her reading via the report and recording of the session she provides soon after. It really was the best thing I did and recommended it to friends and family who found it equally helpful. Thanks Flavia - I am so glad I did this!